Ex voto

Ex-voto 1, Ex-voto 2, Ex-voto 3, the three works located in the church of San Bernardino alle Ossa in the context of the personal exhibition of Ferruccio Ascari “Silenzio”, recall the authentic ex-voto offerings covering the walls in front of the ossuary. Here, the intentional choice of the artist has been to integrate these “soft voiced” works in continuity with this “special” place.READ MORE

Ex Voto I. Perforated alcantara paper, approx. 40×48 cm, 2017 
Ex Voto II. Plate of perforated graphite, 
approx. 17×28 cm, 2017 
Ex Voto III. Foil of perforated rubber, 
approx. 38×58 cm, 2017 

Ex Voto I. Carta alcantara traforata, circa 40x48 cm, 2017 Ex Voto II. Lastra di grafite traforata, circa 17x28 cm, 2017 Ex Voto III. Lamina di gomma traforata, circa 38x58 cm, 2017