[47] It was reported on June 3, 2010, that an engine on the second 747-8F was struck by a tug during a ground move. [108] Deliveries are scheduled from 2017 through 2022. Wherever. [16][17][18] [21] The 747-8I can carry 51 more passengers and two more freight pallets with 26% more cargo volume than the 747-400. The large capacity of the 747-8 is an advantage for the freighter version, not the passenger version. [1] The firm configuration of the aircraft was finalized in October 2006. U.S. Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said, "The Boeing 747-8 is the only aircraft manufactured in the United States (that) when fully missionized meets the necessary capabilities established to execute the presidential support mission..."[158][159] In July 2016, Boeing received a second contract for pre-engineering and manufacturing development (EMD) risk-reduction to address "system specification, the environmental control system, the aircraft interior, the electrical and power system and sustainment and maintenance approaches. With the 747-8i production line now in terminal status, the last of the Jumbo Jets will become more scarce, especially the few that have been produced as Boeing Business Jets. [39], By March 11, 2010, the 747-8F had flown thirteen flights covering a total of 33 hours. [22][23][24] In response, launch customer Cargolux stated it still intended to take delivery of the thirteen freighters it had ordered; Lufthansa confirmed its commitment to the passenger version. "[160], On August 1, 2017, Defense One reported that to pay less for the replacement program, the U.S. Air Force purchased two undelivered 747-8I ordered by a bankrupt Russian firm (Transaero); the aircraft had been stored in the Mojave Desert to prevent corrosion. [46], On April 19, 2010, the second flight-test aircraft was moved from Moses Lake to Palmdale to conduct tests on the aircraft's engines in preparation for obtaining a type certification for the aircraft. Boeing is committed to serving and supporting its customers. Freighter deliveries were to begin on September 19, 2011. However, the proportion of very large freighters in that fleet has increased, and Boeing's dominant position in large, fuel-efficient freighters has offered the company an opportunity to protect its market share and its product line despite the market weakness. [49], By the end of June 2010, the three 747-8Fs that composed the flight-test program had flown a total of over 500 hours and had completed hot-weather testing in Arizona. The windows are also of similar size to the type used on the 777, which are 8% larger than those on the current 747-400s. "Life extension". The airliner version can carry 467 passengers in a typical three-class configuration over 7,790 nmi (14,430 km). Boeing states that the 747-8 is more than 10 percent lighter per seat and consumes 11 percent less fuel per passenger than the A380, translating into a trip-cost reduction of 21 percent and a seat-mile cost reduction of over 6 percent. [167][168], By early 2019, the backlog and production rates were sufficient to sustain production until late 2022.[169]. The chevrons on the trailing edge of the GEnx-2B nacelle were made thinner. Plus, in a full economy configuration, the A380 can handle 250 more passengers than the 747.Winner: Airbus A380 [55][56], The 747-8 passenger version took to the skies over Everett, Washington, for the first time on March 20, 2011. Combined, these problems slowed flight testing and used up almost all the margin in Boeing's development schedule. Overview. So it's no surprise that on high-volume routes the 747-8 offers premium revenue potential. [130], In June 2015, Boeing predicted new orders for the 747-8F based on its projections of a 4.7% annual increase in air cargo demand. [136][137] Most noticeable is the curved stairway to the upper deck and a more spacious main passenger entrance. [94] In an SEC filing submitted at the same time, Boeing stated that if they were "unable to obtain sufficient orders and/or market, production and other risks cannot be mitigated, [...] it is reasonably possible that we could decide to end production of the 747. [11] In 2006, Boeing said that the new design would be quieter, more economical, and more environmentally friendly than previous versions of the 747. Of course, there is Lufthansa’s own Miles & More program, but because it’s not a transfer p… Airlines bought the original 747 primarily for its range, not its capacity. [29] In March 2011, Korean Air converted options into a firm order for two additional −8 freighters. Flying in the upper deck of a 747 with a top-rated carrier would be out of reach for many, but when paying with points, it’s accessible to far more people.Because Lufthansa is a member of Star Alliance, you have plenty of options for booking award tickets. [126], Cargolux and Nippon Cargo Airlines were the first customers for the 747-8, placing orders for the freighter variant in November 2005. [126] Despite initial plans for a shorter stretch than the freighter model, the two variants were designed with the same length, increasing passenger capacity. [134] Boeing states that the 747-8I is the world's fastest commercial jet. This was a more modest proposal than the previous −500X and −600X. [79], Airlines including Emirates and British Airways considered ordering the passenger version, but opted to purchase the Airbus A380 instead. There were 443 Boeing 747 aircraft in airline service as of November 2020, … That's a better way to fly. The 747-8 was intended to use the same engine and cockpit technology as that of the 787, including the General Electric GEnx turbofan and partial fly-by-wire. This 747-800 is the newest aircraft type in the long-haul fleet for Lufthansa. Boeing's next-generation 747, the 747-8 Intercontinental, takes off from Paine Field in Everett, Wash. on its first flight. [59], The 747-8F received its amended type certificate jointly from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on August 19, 2011. The Morocco Government received one VIP 747-8I in 2017. Copyright © 1995 - 2020 Boeing. Worldwide Aircraft Holding operated one VIP 747-8 that was sold to the Government of Turkey. It has three classes of seats and consists of two decks. The U.S. Air Force announced that it will continue the Boeing tradition with the 747-8, which will replace the two 747-200s that serve as the presidential Air Force One fleet. [59][68], During development testing aeroelastic flutter was observed during a test that measured how the aircraft performed if its wing-to-strut join fitting fails at the same time the fuel tanks in the horizontal stabilizer were filled at over 15% of their capacity. UPS Orders 14 Additional 747-8 Freighters, Plus Four 767 Freighters, Silk Way West Announce Order for Three 747-8 Freighters, Air China Celebrate Airline's First 747-8 Intercontinental, Lufthansa leads the way with new 747-8 Intercontinental, Marketplace Masterstroke: Cathay Pacific Adds 10 747-8 Freighters to Fleet, Boeing 747-8 emerges from paint hangar in new Cargolux livery. The Boeing Archives Presents Video Series. MIAMI – Thai Airways (TG) has put both its Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 fleets for sale amid the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.. [136], During the initial 747-8 marketing phase, Boeing also proposed creating a revenue-generating "SkyLoft" passenger facility in the crown space above the cabin. It's premium value, delivered, for operators and passengers. [74], Other improvements include revised fairings next to the tail and wing-to-body-fairings. This 747-800 is the newest aircraft type in the long-haul fleet for Lufthansa. [175][176][177], Aircraft of comparable role, configuration, and era, Wide-body airliner, current production series of the 747. Norris, Guy and Jens Flottau. Boeing 737 Next Generation (737NG) is the overarching name given to a fleet of aircraft that began production in 1991.It includes the Boeing 737-600, Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800 and Boeing … [155], In 2007, the United States Air Force was seeking to upgrade Air Force One by replacing the VC-25A (two heavily modified Boeing 747-200Bs acquired in the late 1980s). The 747X would increas… [77], Demand has been chiefly for the 747-8F, which accounts for the majority of 747-8 aircraft ordered. The first 747-8F Freighter performed its maiden flight on February 8, 2010, and the passenger 747-8I Intercontinental followed suit on March 20, 2011. The remaining aircraft in the test fleet were scheduled to move to Palmdale during May. [41] On March 17 the third −8F made its first flight and joined the test program. The Qatar Amiri Flight received three VIP Boeing 747-8Is. [6][7] Although the 747-400XQLR did not move to production, many of its features were used for the 747 Advanced. [120] The 747-8's vertical tail unit is largely unchanged with a height of 63 ft 6 in (19.35 m). [152] To meet FAA regulations, Boeing reported in January 2012 that the 747-8's fuel tanks in the horizontal stabilizers would be closed off to prevent their use until the flutter condition can be resolved;[152] this reduced range by 300–500 nmi (550–930 km). From Presidents Roosevelt to Trump, Boeing airplanes have transported U.S. presidents around the world. The Boeing 747 8 Intercontinental and Boeing 747-8 Freighter are the next progressions of the iconic Boeing 747 which has been Queen of the Skies now for nearly 40 years. [57] The second 747-8I flew on April 26, 2011. In fact, three of the variants that followed it – the 747-200, the 747-300, and the 747-400 are the exact same length. [161], On February 27, 2018, the White House announced a fixed-price contract worth $3.9 billion for the development of two new 747-8I-based VC-25B aircraft to replace the aging VC-25A aircraft. All Rights Reserved. [80][81] In 2013, Arik Air converted its order for two 747-8s[82] to two 777-300ERs. The 747-500X and -600X, proposed at the 1996 Farnborough Airshow, would have stretched the 747 and used a 777-derived wing, but it did not attract enough interest to enter development. [73], In 2014, Boeing embarked on an improvement program for the 747-8 named "Project Ozark", with the goal of improved range and lower fuel burn. On this aircraft, through March 30, 2021, middle seats (typically seats “B” and “E”) will be blocked from selection for parties of 1-2. Boeing is still building freighter models of the 747-8, so if you're a package you'll have more time. The 747X Stretch would be extended to 263 ft (80.2 m) long, allowing it to carry 500 passengers up to 7,800 nmi (14,400 km). [34] On February 8, 2010, after a 2.5-hour weather delay, the 747-8 Freighter made its maiden flight, taking off from Paine Field, Washington at 12:39 PST,[35] and landed at 4:18 pm PST. [152] On December 18, 2013, Boeing announced that a series of new performance packages will allow for the reactivation of the tail fuel tanks by early 2014. Boeing 737-800 (738) Boeing 737-800 (738) Blocking Seats for More Space On Board. [85], The overall demand for the 747-8 turned out to be below Boeing's initial projections as well, which led to several reductions in production rate. [107], On October 27, 2016, UPS Airlines announced an order for 14 747-8Fs with options for an additional 14. The FAA/EASA Minimum runway length requirements for MLW landings are 7,500ft (~2,300m) for the 747-8F, and 6,750ft (~2,000m) for the 747-8i. However, the landing distance (at sea level) is far less, at about 5,500ft and 4,750 ft. In 2007, Boeing dropped the SkyLoft concept in favor of upper-deck galley storage options, which were favored by the airlines. 747-8 Freighter was designed with a 975,000 lb (442 t) maximum take-off weight with a payload capability of 308,000 lb (140 t) and a range of 4,390 nmi (8,130 km). [4] The 747X was to carry 430 passengers up to 8,700 nmi (16,100 km). [106] This acquisition was finalized at the 2016 Farnborough Airshow. The plane has a master bedroom, as well as a guest bedroom. [75], In early 2014, the director-general of the International Air Transport Association noted that slower economic growth, following the Great Recession, had led to lower demand for air freighters. [114] The wing's trailing edge and raked tip are made of carbon-fiber composites. Boeing hoped that these improvements, which benefit both the passenger and freighter version, would help improve sales. [8] In 2005, Boeing forecast a market for 300 aircraft, split evenly between freighters and passenger variants. The 747-300SR is a short range version to meet the need for a high-capacity domestic model. The -8I's upper deck is lengthened compared to the 747-400. On current fleet, Lufthansa operated 19 wide-body aircraft Boeing 747-8I. [26], On December 4, 2009, Korean Air became the second airline customer for the −8I passenger model, with an order for five airliners. Like in a similar event during pre-flight taxi tests, the low-pressure turbine shaft separated and moved the low-pressure turbine backward braking on surrounding hardware (by design to avoid turbine overspeed). cruising speed. [11], The extra fuel capacity in the redesigned wing compared to the 747-400 eliminates the need to significantly change the horizontal tail unit to accommodate auxiliary tanks, further saving costs. Directly behind this row are the 4 other rows of business class (10-14).

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