In Nuctos Agalma (in ancient greek, Νυκτοζ αγαλμα,’delights of the nigth’) 1981 the rotation of the images about the axis of the work interacts with the circularity of the sound theme producing a  profound sense of visual and acoustic displacement[read more=”Read More”less=”Read Less”]intensified by the projection of specially produced film material on irregular screens. Ascari described this work as ‘a series of ‘a series of ‘overexcited, alarmed’ slide projections which cancelled each other out because they operated in a system
which did not tollerate feed-bach, in which self-correction had ceased to function. The sequence of images, the flux of sound, light and phonemes which I have just produced are paradoxically dispersed by these slides whose projections is itself not subject to control by a system which is itself transcended by their lack of order. The result is a kind of machine/ κὺνεμα which, rather than working according to some preordained programme, has incompatibility and discontinuity built into it – a machine which cannot be started because it is already in motion in continous flight from a state of dynamic equilibrium. The filmed sequences which I produced cannot be interpreted in terms of the fixed linear opposition of projector and screen, the evocation of an object by presenting its image: they may be deciphered only in the transgression of the boundaries, the limits, which the installation implies, the setting of the installation itself. Apart from being a process of re-production, the projection of these slides, rather than oppositions, creates connections which are asymmetric in their meaning relations, dissolving in the objective presence of the very transparency of the images.’ ‘The conceptual dimension of these installations takes the overall form of inhibition, of blocked resolution, of unachieveable wholeness. All of this, furthermore, is not the expression of a phenomenological viewpoint because the observing subject is itself missing’.[/read]

Νυκτοζ αγαλμα. Environmental Installation with sound score, Capo d’Orlando, 1981 [PE0015]

Νυκτοζ αγαλμα. Environmental Installation with sound score, Peccolo gallery, Livorno, 1981 [PE0015]